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Swayamacare is all about self-care. Our tag line says it “World Care Begins with Self Care” and we totally believe in the same. In today’s day and age dietary supplements have become the need of the hour. With our longevity being increased to 70-80 years our quality of life also needs to optimize so as to enable us to live a healthy and happy life. We at Swayamcare are bringing to you those dietary supplements which we think as age progresses the body is unable to produce enough and the external sources cannot support sufficiently, hence one needs to take these supplements for optimum health.

Jap Q-10, Fin-Chaga and many such products would be a part of this range. Besides dietary supplements, we would be bringing many health products such as artificial hymen, vaginal tightening creams etc. These products would be In licensed exclusively by Swayamacare from well-known international partners with all the pre required data and compliance.

We also have developed a fantastic product Varico-Gel which provides immense relief to patients suffering from this very painful condition of Varicose Veins. So in all what we are bringing to you is what you require and what is not available in our country.

We are passionate about each and every product of ours and we do hope to get your continued support to make our initiative a successful one. For further information on our group please do visit us on www.v-group.in


Neglected diseases were always on our mind. To create awareness about the disease and provide a solution for the same became our aim. Our motto unfolded – “If there is a cure then that should be made available to all those who are suffering at affordable prices”. This ultimately led to researching and developing Pentosan Polysulfate and further reinforced our company’s focus on orphan molecules. The entire SSPL ream is gratified for being appreciated for the same.



We at Swati are committed via our business of healthcare to contribute and make a difference in the world in area of orphan and neglected disease where people are suffering endlessly without appropriate cures for diseases that impact a few people. We invite everyone to be stake holder in our journey and be a part of this global impact, where we are improving and changing lives of those suffering with debilitating diseases.