Varicose Veins treatment

Varicose veins are weakened and twisted veins that are swollen due to stagnation of blood around a blocked or damaged part of the body. When the leaflet valves in the veins that prevent the reverse blood flow get damaged due to venous hypertension, i.e. persistent high blood pressure, they start to swell and become purple – blackish, causing severe itching, pain and inflammation.

This condition is most commonly observed in the legs and calf regions. Pregnant women are more prone to this condition as their body weight, and hormones undergo drastic changes during that period.

Home Remedies for Varicose veins:

If the condition is in its initial stages, i.e. the swelling isn’t severe, and the pain is tolerable, there are a few ways by which varicose and spider veins can be treated at home:

Plant Extracts and Medications:

Many ayurvedic herb extracts are clinically proven to be safe and highly effective in curing all symptoms of varicose veins.

The extracts from a European beech tree known as Fagus sylvatica has proven to be extremely beneficial in treating and curing spider veins and varicose veins. The ‘Varico Gel’ cream, which contains this extract is now being widely used for treating such conditions. It has been found to relieve symptoms like pain, swelling, heaviness, itching, dryness associated with Varicose veins. You can learn more about the benefits of this product here.

In 2006, a study showed that extracts from horse chestnut, known as Aesculus hippocastanum L., can help to reduce leg pain, heaviness, and itching occurring due to varicose veins. Other helpful ayurvedic extracts include the Butcher’s broom extract, Ruscus aculeatus and the sea pine extract, Pinus Maritima.

Fibrous Diet Plan:

Straining the muscles due to constipation is known to worsen the condition of damaged valves. Hence, it is essential to eat more fibrous foods that keep your bowels healthily. Whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes should become a primary part of your diet.

Include foods that have minimum sodium and are rich in potassium such as various leafy vegetables, almonds, lentils, potatoes and fishes like salmon and tuna.

Also, consume flavonoid-rich foods which improve blood circulation and help shrink the swollen veins.

Leg Exercises:

Exercising improves blood flow, which pushes out the stagnated blood from the veins. Regular exercise also helps in reducing your blood pressure preventing the vein valves from being damaged. Walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are the best to heal your varicose veins.

Compression Stockings:

These stockings subject external pressure over the muscles and veins, helping the blood to move towards the heart efficiently.

Using knee-high compression stockings with a pressure of 18 to 21 mmHg regularly can reducing the pain and swelling significantly.

Lifestyle Changes:

Here are a few lifestyle changes which have proven to help cure varicose veins:

  • Wearing loose non-restrictive clothes to maintain proper blood circulation
  • While resting, keeping the legs elevated above the heart level improves blood flow
  • Gently massaging the affected area with ailments like the Verico Gel regularly can prove highly beneficial.

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